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Viper Challenge is Asia’s first and biggest obstacle challenge event, established in 2013 it is now in its third year and has racked up an impressive track record of staging mega events and catering to almost 150,000 participants from Malaysia, the ASEAN region and from as far as Europe.

The route is set over multiple distances, the course is filled with over numerous world-class man made obstacles to physically and mentally test you. The challenge is to complete the course and as many obstacles as you can either as an individual participant or as part of team.

Viper Challenge has been an exciting event, not only for fitness enthusiasts but for everyone. Feedback from participants has shown that this event is treated as a fun day out spent with friends and family, a great team building and bonding tool for organisations and groups, and simply a great way to meet new people in a positive environment.


Want to train for Viper Challenge?


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Become a Viper Challenge Sponsor

Please register your interest with us if you feel your product is in line with our Viper Challenge Brand Strategy! We would love to discuss sponsorship with you to help each other in the future! Send us an email with your company name, brand description and what level of sponsorship you would want to offer, along with what you would expect from us.

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Become a Viper Volunteer! (VV)

Be a part of Asia’s First and Largest Physical Event of it’s kind!

VV Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Gearing up the Viper Challenge crowd prior to the event start time
  • Manning the obstacle stations, and making sure obstacles remain safe
  • Hand out refreshments and snacks to keep participants hydrated and energised
  • Assist with registrations, handing out important items

The Benefits of becoming a VV:

  • Free Viper Challenge staff T-shirt
  • Free meals on event day
  • Gift Voucher


What is an obstacle challenge?Obstacle Challenge? You may think this may be something you might find at a Kindergarten playground. In reality, an obstacle challenge is a long distance running event where your only challenge is not only distance, and ruthless obstacles such as walls, mud covered tunnels, and barbed wire obstructions, but the battle against your wit. READ MORE …


Is Viper Challenge a race?

Viper Challenge IS NOT a race. It is a personal challenge where you will aspire to complete each obstacle set out successfully and make it to the finish line with a sense of achievement and satisfaction! If it were a race we would be timing you but you will notice that you will not see a record of time anywhere along the course.

Do I have to register for Viper Challenge in a team?

No you do not, although we do recommend it is best to do Viper Challenge in a minimum team of 3, you may also want to register as a single participant. Either way, you will find that team work throughout the duration of the obstacle course is what will get you through.

How much is the registration fee?

We practice a Pricing Tier with each Tier having a certain quota of Tickets. Each event has a different Pricing Tier but the sooner you buy them the cheaper the price will be!  So get your Tickets NOW!

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee allows you to participate in Viper Challenge as well as supplying you with a Viper Challenge Finisher T-shirt, Finisher Medal and Certificate when you had completed the course.

Is there an age limit or minimum age to participate?

To participate in Viper challenge you will need to be at least a minimum age of 16 years. If you are below 18 years of age you will need to have your parent or guardian’s consent form signed to participate.

I have never ran before, will I be able to finish the challenge?

Whether you can run 2km or 20km straight, this is not the determining factor as to whether you will complete the Viper Challenge. You will most of all require teamwork, a good fitness level (especially endurance and strength) and mental fortitude. Without the need to succeed and without the determination as well as teamwork, you will not complete the course successfully.

Can I choose my Viper Challenge start time?

Viper Challenge is based on a “Wave” format which means only +/- 500 participants will be released into the Viper arena every 30mins. Participants can expect to complete all obstacles between 3-4 hours. We will endeavour to do our best to match you and your team to your ideal start time indicated during the registration. Final start times will be emailed around 3 weeks before the event.

What kind of obstacles are in the Viper Challenge?

The obstacles in the Viper Challenge have been carefully designed and built by a team of Australian and Malaysian qualified specialists. You will see obstacles made from steel, wood and using natures terrain. The rest is left for your imagination and as a surprise on the day.

Do I have to complete every obstacle in the event?

For the normal categories, you can walk around an obstacle that you feel you can not complete but we STRONGLY encourage you to attempt each obstacle involved in the challenge. After all, putting yourself to the test is what this challenge is about!

How much training should I be doing leading up to Viper challenge?

We recommend an increased training schedule starting from at least 3 months leading up to Viper Challenge. The official fitness partner of Viper Challenge training program is a great way to put your all round fitness to the test and to work on your endurance and strength leading up to this challenge. Lets not forget that Viper Challenge is not just about your physical abilities. You will mentally need to prepare yourself for the completion of this challenge and therefore your mental state along with great teamwork and endurance combined is what will get you through.

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